About the Film

Wagon Attack 2 is BEYOND SERIOUS, sortof.

WA2 was filmed over two weekends in the best state in the union – Michigan. The sand segment was filmed on two days in October at Silver Lake Sand Dunes.  A popular Michigan state park that allows off road vehicle access to massive complex of ever-changing sand dunes. We filmed it late in the season so minimal other people would be using the dunes. It was cold, then warm, rained and then stopped.  Michigan has way better sand dunes than your state.



The second part was filmed at an undisclosed military installation. It was filmed in one long warm November day.



Wa2 was made as cheaply as possible. It was filmed on the following gear:

Canon 7D w/ Canon 18-135, OM-Zuiko 28mm 3.5, Nikon 105 2.0, Vivitar 135 2.8, Tokina 11-16 2.8 and a couple cheap Lee ND’s

Sanyo HD1a

Aiptek A-HD

Rode VideoMic

An assortment of gaff, duct and electrical tape. A suction cup from Harbor Freight.

Although Apple continues to ignore professional users, and sell it’s soul to the holy grail of fuzzy ugg boots and lip gloss, WA2 was edited in Final Cut and After Effects which took for-fricken-ever because iMacs have no proper way of connecting additional storage (ie, eSata). If you can’t get data in and out fast, it is worthless. I would switch to a proper PC if PC’s had Final Cut, but they don’t. Apple has me by the balls.

It was filmed, edited and produced by Matt Johnston. He had help from his buddies The Goudster and Andrew Maguire. Shawn Olmstead held the slider once too. Mike Buteyn and Goudster used their cars at the dunes, and the military installation for support, and rolling shots.

“The Making Of” was filmed on a live train bridge, that was sketchy, and it was cold. The camera almost fell off into the river below.

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